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How to Buy an Engagement Ring that isn't Boring

October 13, 2017
How to Buy an Engagement Ring that isn't Boring
Today’s modern brides and grooms are choosing alternative engagement rings that speak to their own personal styles and budgets
CAPTIONS: These engagement rings stand out from among the crowd
For decades now, the supposed "picture perfect" engagement has included a man on bended knee popping the question with three months' salary, in the form of a diamond solitaire, presented in a velvet box. Fortunately, today's modern brides and grooms are breaking out of those narrow, arbitrary constraints and choosing alternative engagement rings that speak to their own personal styles and budgets.
Alternative engagement rings offer an amazing array of designs, materials and price points that allow couples the freedom to express their love, their way. That being said, some brides may feel pressured to choose a more "timeless" (read: boring) style for fears that today's "alternative" may ultimately become tomorrow's "dated." Sure, the traditional combination of diamonds and gold is super-safe, but where's the fun and individuality in that?
We may not be able to see into the future, but ultimately, we're confident you'll be happiest choosing an engagement ring that uniquely expresses who you are and makes your heart beat as loudly as your fiancé does.
Don't know where to start on your journey from staid to statement? We've put together a few tips for choosing an alternative engagement ring you'll love forever.
Slightly off-kilter and completely enchanting, Jennie Kwon's lively Emerald Tilt Ring brings a new perspective to a traditional shape. By setting the dreamy teardrop emerald off-center and flanking it with delicate white diamonds, the ring has a kinetic feel that is both lively and graceful
Long gone are the days of diamonds-or-nothing engagement rings. From pale aquamarine to deep amethyst, gemstones of all types allow brides and grooms to express their love with all the colors of the rainbow. We love Jennie Kwon's Sapphire YS Ring for it's bold, yet classic, coloring and for the delicate details that speak louder than an oversized diamond ever could.
Known for their daring aesthetic, Meadowlark has fashioned a ring that perfectly embodies the pierced-by-Cupid's-arrow feeling of love with their exceptional Heart and Arrow Ring. Here, a sparkling peridot stone is surrounded by white diamonds in an almost rustic arrow-shaped framework, creating a sense of playful joy. By abandoning the traditional symmetrical or solitaire setting, the ring crafts a unique statement for bold brides.
Far from the blank canvas of platinum or white gold, settings in bold new metals, a mixture of metals, or even ceramic, can add a new perspective to gemstones, create stronger more scratch-resistant jewelry, and open up a range of price points. The rose gold in Meadowlark's Kite Engagement Ring adds a delicious sheen to white diamonds, amplified by the luxurious pink hue of the morganite center stone.
Reach past round to choose a ring as electric as your love with Meadowlark's Thunderbolt Engagement Ring. The powerful symmetry and unexpected construction is truly striking (pun intended), while providing a stunning perch for 24 diamonds and a pear-shaped morganite center stone. By using novel colors, shapes and materials, alternative engagement rings empower modern couples to flout tradition and tell the tale of their own unique love story.

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